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Active Duty Registration

The National Veterans Memorial would like to take this time and offer all active duty personnel an opportunity to pre-register for their individual star. The star was designed as a way to honor all veterans who have served our country.

The advantage to pre-register at this time is due to increasing prices, this will insure that you receive your individual star and medallion at the lowest cost possible. We are doing this to insure that no veteran is left behind.

Each veteran will receive a star and medallion with their individual branch, in which they served. For pictures of samples of the star and medallion, please refer below.

The individual star and medallions will be completed after your discharged date. We will need your discharge information to complete your star & medallion, but upon you pre-registering your name and photo will be placed on our website in honor of your service to our country. Please contact us with the updated information as soon as possible, so that you may receive your medallion and your star will be placed inside the Veterans Memorial.

James G. Henager

Star and Medallion


Fill this form out then mail/E-mail it along with payment.

Registration Form
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