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You can help us expand by making a donation - any size large are small, it all helps. Just think what we could do for our veterans if every person in the country donated a $1. It would become our Dollar Blitz Campaign!



Memorial Riders

Memorial Riders

National Veterans Memorial Riders Membership Form (open to all Bikers, Cars, Jeeps, Trucks Etc. Owners)

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Help in supporting the National Veterans Memorial by becoming a National Veterans Memorial Rider. Not only will you be supporting the National Veterans Memorial Mission Honoring All that have Served in our Armed Forces you will also be helping add more of our Country's Fallen Soldiers to the Memorial and help the memorial reach it's goals and mission. That is to honor over 43 million people that have served in our Country's military and make a difference in their lives

Notice: when we have enough members we will also start having a National Convention

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