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Click Branch of Service than underlined names to view that person's photo Also marked is if a person was P.O.W., K.I.A., M.I.A. and also D.I.S. this stands for a person who Died while Active Duty (Died in Service) but not a K.I.A. or M.I.A.

Air Force
Name Years of Service
Ray A. Allison 1949-1961
Garry L. Arndt 1964-1984
Jeffrey "Bull" Braden 2007-2016 D.I.S.
Scott E. Duffman 1992-2007 K.I.A.
Edward "Ed" Faulkner 1954-1956
Clyde A. Henager 1959-1967
Duane Henager 1961-1965
James Gerald Henager 1970-1973
James T. Koos 1980
Roger C. Madden 1979-1983
Glenn H. Oliva 1973-1974
Melvin D. Roush 1952-1957
Kenneth D. Rudibaugh 1966-1975
Wayne E. Rudisill 1955-1973 / Navy 1952-1955
William E. "Bill" Smith 1952-1960/NSA
Mark A. Stevens 1980-2000
Charles A. Suter 1956-1960
Air Force Reserves
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Avis Leo Wagnon 1955-1963
Air Guard
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Raymond C. Alcaraz 2007-2010 (K.I.A.)
James K. Arness "Aurness" 1943-1944
Sam H. Austill 1957-1959
Amel Leroy Bailey 1960-1962
Daniel Barrett 1967-1968
David S. Bey 1981-2002
Wayne C. Biehler 1951-1952
Dan Blocker "Bobby D. Blocker" 1951-1952
Pat Brady "Robert E. O'Brady " 1943-1946
Gerald A. Bruneault 1959-1965
Bryan A. Burgess 2003-2011 (K.I.A.)
Lynn D. Burns 1975-1978
Kyle W. Childress 1999-2005 (K.I.A.)
Fred A. Cooper 1980-1986
Dorris E. Cox 1941-1945
Doyle T. Cox 1942-1946
John E. "Johnny " Crawford 1965-1967
James E. Crenshaw 6/1969-10/1969
Michael D. Deangelis 1967-1970
Raymond B. Emge 1917-1919
Matthew J. England 2009-2011 (K.I.A.)
Randell A. Evans 1969-1975
Rebecca I. Farrar 1999-2007
Brian L. Freeman 1997-2005 (K.I.A.)
Alexander J. Fucheon 2004-2007 (K.I.A.)
Franklin D. Gillespie 1961-1964
Benjamin H. Grogan 1959-1962
Ryan E. Haupt 2000-2006 (K.I.A)
Gerald W. Hawes 1959-1962
James F. Henager 1927-1930
Morris G. Henager 1956-1958
Robert E. Henager 1943-1946
Paul E. Hites 1943-1945
Randy K. Johnson 1972-1975
Alden W. Jones Sr. 1954-1998
Dennis J. Kassmeier 1942-1946
Darryl L. Kellam 1990-1992
Daniel M. Leahy 1967-1969 (K.I.A.)
Clarence L. Ledbetter 1944-1946
Roberta P. Lenfers 1974-1978
Thomas E. Littlepage 1969-1970 (K.I.A.)
Edward M. Lowery 1982-1985
Michael G. Mann 1967-1970 1976-1987
James E. Marcoux 1956-1979
Janet L. Martin 1953-1973
Denzil D. McCandless 1929-1945
Matthew Q. McClintock 2006-2016 (K.I.A.)
Melvin R. Meinschein 1958-1960
David H. Meny 1961-1964
Claude J. Miller 1968-1972
Wilfred F. "Fred " Miller 1942-1946
Philip R. Moss 1958-1970
Harold L. Moxley 1946-1948 (D.I.S.)
Nathaniel I. Moxley 1898
Cory R. Mracek 1995-2004 (K.I.A.)
Audie Murphy 1942-1945 Nat Guard 1950-1966 Army Res 1966-1971
David J. Nixon 1978-2010
David P. Nowaczyk 2005-2012 (K.I.A.)
Erickson H. Petty 1993-2004 (K.I.A.)
Garry E. Powell 1968-1971
James N. Powers 1971-1992
Elvis A. Presley 1958-1960
Jeremy F. Regnier 2000-2004 (K.I.A.)
Louis J. Riedford 1942-1945
Chris Rudisill 1918-1919
Clifford F. Rudisill 1918 Indiana Liberty Guard
David A. Schaefer Jr. 2005-2009 (K.I.A.)
Jon M. Schoolcraft 2001-2008 (K.I.A.)
Ralph E. Schwartz 1944-1946
1946-1980 Res.
Anthony M. Smith 1987-1993
Stefan M. Smith 2009-2013 (K.I.A.)
Timothy M. Smith 2004-2008 (K.I.A.)
David B. Sollars 1966-1969
Thomas E. Somerville 1965-1967
Timothy D. Stalter 2003-2008
Timothy A. Steffen 2009-2012
Gary L. Stewart 1980-1984
Robert "Robbie " A. Swaney 2004-2005 (K.I.A.)
David W. Taylor 2010-2012 (K.I.A.)
David J. Todd Jr. 1991-2008 (K.I.A.)
Harry S. Truman 1917-1919
1920-1953 Res.
Raymond K. (Keith) Weisheit 1970-1971
Army Air Corp.
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Robert G. Emge 1943-1945
Laura L. Kerby 1943-1947/ Air Force 1947-1951
Louis R. Orton 1939-1978
Clayton Moore "Jack C. Moore " 1942-1945
Morgan Woodward "Thomas M. Woodward " 1944-1945/U. S. Air Force 1951-1953/Air Force Reserves 1953-1955
Army Reserves
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Michael J. Murphy 1963-1970
James A. Redslob 1958-1966
Coast Guard
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
William Y. King 1943-1945
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
John W. Barbee 1964-1968 (K.I.A)
Mark A. Bradley 2004-2011 (K.I.A)
James E. Brown 2005-2006 (K.I.A)
Ronald J. Burton 1950-1952
David J. Coullard 1994-2005 (K.I.A)
William Stan Daugherty 1966-1967 (K.I.A)
Anthony J. Denier 2011-2012 (K.I.A)
Glenn Ford Marines 1942-1944 & Navy 1957-1977
James D. Graham Marines 1967-1971 / Army 1972-1975 (P.O.W.)
Jean K. Hunter 1953-1958 / Air Force 1958-1962 / Army Reserves 1977-1994
Franklin D. Lacey 1967-1968 (K.I.A)
James O. Little 1965-1969
Eric R. Lueken 2003-2006 (K.I.A)
Robert S. Mayer Jr. 1941-1972
Bruce E. Mielke 1966-1967 (K.I.A)
Hugh O'Brian "Hugh C. Krampe" 1943-1947
Eric A. Palmisano 2005-2006 (K.I.A.)
Kyle W. Powell 2003-2006 (K.I.A)
Jeffery J. Reber 2003-2014 (D.I.S.)
Jerry D. Schmitter 1955-1963
Gerald A. Smith 1/1969-8/29/1969 (K.I.A.)
Douglas D. Stocker 1989-1993
Steven J. Szymanski 2013-2014 (D.I.S.)
Alec R. Terwiske 2010-2012 (K.I.A)
Adam J. Thompson 2000-2004
Merchant Marine
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Ian T. Allison 1943-1947
Clint Walker "Norman E.Walker" 1944-1946
A.J. Wichita 1944-1955
Army National Guard
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Carl W. Behagg 1961-2003
Patrick D. Hamburger 1998-2011 (K.I.A)
Darrel D. Kasson 1987-2007 (K.I.A)
David L. McMenamin Active Duty
Name (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Stephen J. Abernathy 1976-1982
James M. Aull 1985-1993
Stanley P. Bartoszek 1958-1980
Ben H. Bates. 1955-1959
Rodney A. Bond Sr. 1971-1973
Ernest Borgnine 1935-1945
Thomas H. Cieply 1968-1974 Navy Res. 1975-1977 Nat. Guard 1977-2009
Daune K. Clark 1979-1981
James F. Derr Sr. 1945
Gerald R. Ford 1942-1946 Res. 1946-1963
Simon J. Leon Jr. 1973-1977
Warren K. Mathews 1943-1945
Dannie T. Hawes 1967-1971
Thomas N. Heltsley 1968-1969
Robert Joe Kirby 1954-1957
Ernest L. Kulwicki 1942-1947
Edward "Leonard" Lenfers 1960-1964
Lawrence J. Meny 1943-1946
Jesse J. Miller 1952-1981
John L. Murry 1984-1987
Charles L. Neely 1943-1946
John H. Noffsinger 1/30/1945-2/24/1945
Michael E. Sanders 1972-1981
Joseph E. Schatz 1990-2011
Jack D. Smith 1972-1976
Steven H. Walker 1969-1996
Dennis Weaver (William D. Weaver) 1943-1945
Chad R. Woehler 2001-2006
Danny R. Woehler 1969-1973
Shawn W. Woehler 1995-1999
Virginia Militia
Names (Click underlined names to view photo) Years of Service
Henry Henigar 1780 (KIA)

If you or a family/friend have served or is presently serving in any branch of the military please go to the registration page to find out how to become part of this wonderful memorial.

Thank you for your service!

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