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You can help us expand by making a donation - any size large are small, it all helps. Just think what we could do for our veterans if every person in the country donated a $1. It would become our Dollar Blitz Campaign!



Veterans Registration

No one can ever put in to words the appreciation we have for the men and women who have served this great country and put their very lives on the line. Many of nights Americans have laid in bed while veterans have fought for us and our freedoms while in the worst of places. What they have done will never be forgotten or over looked. Thank you to all the veterans that have went beyond just swearing their allegiance.

The veteran will receive a glass leaded cystral star placed at the memorial and medal either sent to the veteran our their family with their individual branch, in which they served every branch has their own individual metal. For a photo sample of the star and medals, please refer below.

James G. Henager

Star and Medal


Fill this form out then mail/E-mail it along with payment but if K.I.A. or M.I.A. send no money there is no cost.

Registration Form
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