Memorial Information


Hours for the Rest of the Year

  • Mon – Thur / 8am – 5pm
  • Sat / 8am – 4pm

Summer Hours (June, July, & Aug)

  • Mon – Thur / 8am – 7pm
  • Fri / 8am – 5pm
  • Sat / 8am – 4pm

Tour Price

  • Adults: $6.00
  • Children: $3.00



National Veterans Memorial Goals


To depict the images and memories of those who had to bear arms and face insurmountable odds in the line of military duty.


Visitors to the Memorial might understand and appreciate what was involved when the veterans were called into active military service.

Mission Statement


The National Veterans Memorial has a mission establishing the National Veterans Memorial to honor all of our country’s veterans with a National Memorial & Museum for all Veterans and families to visit. We also want to help veterans in need such as; food bank, Recreation Area for Disabled Veterans and operate the memorial in a way that all veterans who visit feel they are visiting their second home.

Ways You Can Help Our Mission

No one can ever put in to words the appreciation we have for the men and women who have served this great country and put their very lives on the line. Many of nights Americans have laid in bed while veterans have fought for us and our freedoms while in the worst of places. What they have done will never be forgotten or over looked. Thank you to all the veterans that have went beyond just swearing their allegiance.

By becoming a member of the National Veterans Memorial not only are you supporting the memorial but you are also honoring and supporting our countries Veterans. You will also receive some benefits as a member such as discounts (for example merchandise) plus a free membership to our American History Museum. All memberships include one free admission to our existing location and American History Museum.

Family Sponsorship

Becoming a family sponsor allows us to continue our mission in honoring those that have fought for our freedom.

Business Sponsorship

Business Sponsors are a great help to us and we thank them by displaying them at our memorial based on how much they’ve supported us.